Travel to Dog-Friendly Cities: From Seattle to Austin, Here Are Top Destinations Ideas for You and Your Pup

Traveling with your furry friend makes any vacation that much sweeter! Many cities are becoming increasingly pet-friendly, making it easier to plan a trip that includes your pup. Here are some destinations worth considering when traveling with your pup:

Seattle, Washington: Seattle offers many off-leash dog parks and scenic hiking trails to satisfy any adventurous pup’s need for outdoor activity. Plus there are dog-friendly restaurants, breweries and coffee shops dotted across this bustling metropolis!

Austin, Texas: Austin is famed for its lively live music scene but can also make for a fantastic dog-friendly vacation destination with plenty of dog-friendly bars, restaurants, parks, and outdoor activities for you and your pup to enjoy together.

San Francisco, California: This hilly city offers several parks and beaches where dogs are welcome, along with pet-friendly restaurants and cafes. Furthermore, your pup may enjoy taking a ferry ride out to nearby Alcatraz Island!

Asheville, North Carolina: Asheville is an idyllic mountain town known for its picturesque hiking trails and outdoor activities. Additionally, many restaurants and breweries in Asheville welcome furry companions so you can dine or drink alongside your pup.

Portland, Oregon: With a reputation as one of the most dog-friendly cities in America, Portland boasts numerous dog parks, hiking trails and dog-friendly breweries and restaurants – even an occasional movie showing!

No matter where your travels may lead, be sure to research local dog-friendly attractions, accommodations and restaurants beforehand in order to ensure a stress-free journey for both yourself and your pup!

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