Potty Training Your New Puppy: Easy and Effective Methods for a Clean Home

Welcoming a new puppy into your home can be both exciting and rewarding; however, potty training presents its own set of unique challenges. However, with patience and consistency you can successfully potty train your furry newcomer.

Step one in potty training your puppy involves creating a schedule. This should involve taking them outside first thing in the morning, after meals and naps, as well as just before bedtime – due to their small bladders it is essential that they go outside often enough for potty breaks! In order to prevent accidents occurring inside, dogs need regular walks outside to relieve themselves regularly in order to ensure successful potty training results.

When taking your puppy outdoors, select a specific potty area and give a consistent command, such as “go potty.” This will enable them to learn that when given such commands they should go potty on command.

Indoors, it is crucial that you maintain constant supervision of your puppy by confining him/her in a crate or playpen when you cannot watch them directly. This will prevent them from wandering off and having accidents elsewhere in the home.

If your puppy starts having accidents, interrupt with a sharp sound such as clapping. Take them outside immediately to their designated potty area, and praise when they use it successfully – to reinforce positive behavior!

As accidents are inevitable during potty training, it’s vital that any accidents be cleaned up thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner to eliminate odor and discourage your puppy from going potty in that spot again.

Keep patience and consistency in mind when potty training your puppy. With time and effort, they should learn to use the outdoors rather than having accidents indoors.

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