Hyper Dogs and Training: Positive Reinforcement Techniques for Better Behavior

As a dog owner, you may have experienced the difficulties associated with managing an overly active pup. Hyperactivity in dogs may be caused by breed tendencies, lack of exercise, and anxiety; we will explore ways positive reinforcement training techniques can be utilized to control hyperactivity in your furry friend.

Positive reinforcement training uses rewards to encourage desirable behaviors rather than punishing undesirable ones, and here are some techniques on how to use positive reinforcement to calm a hyper dog:

  • Treats: Treats can be an excellent way to motivate your dog’s good behavior and teach new commands. Give small, bite-sized treats immediately after they have performed the desired behavior and be consistent in offering rewards that reinforce desired actions.
  • Keep it short and simple: Training sessions for hyperactive dogs should be kept short and straightforward, breaking each task down into easily achievable tasks and providing your pup with rest breaks between. This will ensure they remain focused while preventing overwhelm from setting in.
  • Use a clicker: A clicker is a small device that emits a clicking sound when pressed, used as an indicator that your dog has performed the desired behavior. Click it immediately after your pup performs it and reward with treats; this will help your pup associate its sound with positive behavior!
  • Be Patient: Training a hyper dog takes time and patience, so it’s essential that you remain calm when dealing with them. Remember that they are trying their hardest to please you and positive reinforcement is a much more effective means of teaching than punishment.
  • Exercise: Finally, make sure your dog is getting enough physical and mental exercise. Hyperactivity can result from pent-up energy being released too slowly through regular physical and mental activity – so make sure they get regular walks as well as playing fetch games to release excess energy and prevent hyperactivity from building up in them.

Positive reinforcement techniques such as treats, clickers and short training sessions can be an effective means of controlling hyperactivity in dogs. Be patient and consistent while providing enough exercise so your pup remains calm and contented.

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