Adjusting to Life with an Older Dog: How to Maximize the Time Together

As our furry friends grow older, it’s essential that adjustments be made to ensure their quality of life remains high. Just like humans, dogs may develop age-related health conditions such as arthritis, decreased mobility, hearing or vision loss as well as cognitive decline as they age.

To help ensure your senior dog lives a happy and healthy life, there are some changes you can make in their daily routine that may help. For instance, switching them over to a softer bed makes getting in and out easier, ramps or steps may assist them reaching higher spots, as well as smaller meals more frequently may reduce digestive issues.

Regular visits to the vet can also help identify any health issues early and ensure appropriate treatments. As your dog ages, its senses may deteriorate so it is important that they communicate through touch and smell so as to navigate their environment effectively. Low impact exercises or brain games are great ways to keep them active and stimulated!
Remember to show extra kindness and understanding towards senior dogs as they adjust to changing capabilities. With some extra TLC, you can help ensure they age gracefully and happily!

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